Our Story

How can someone possibly pick the 🍌 just the right color of yellow but not too yellow?  How can making a list possibly save time?  Will I miss wandering the items for new products?  Before I knew my kids had the app installed and the family was adding items to the cart as we ran out during the week. Oh, sure I still run to the store sometimes, but what a great option.  Grocery shopping from home.

At my event shoppers often say, “Kim I wish I had more time to shop or I can’t make it to shop because of XXX (one of the thousands of things Moms have to do).  Now with over 100 events in 16 years I have decided to serve busy families in the Upstate one step further.  Make kids resale shopping and selling available online and shop from your home.  

We will still have an event style online schedule to coincide with our actual massive resale events in Anderson, Clemson, and Seneca.  However, we can now be an answer to your resale needs ALL YEAR LONG and CURBSIDE. ( mic drop here)  So after the online event ends we get the items dropped off by LOCAL sellers, inspect the quality again, and sort orders.  You then meet you curbside with your order.  So pick up Sara from preschool, grab Chick-fil-A then drive-through and grab your Upstate deals!   How EASY PEASY!  

So MAKE SURE you sign up to get the text reminders and join the email list for details.  I am NOT a fan of lots of emails so trust me I only send when needed and try to get the subject line to hint what the email is about.   

I fix things and make them better. That’s my why.  My ❤ has always been in serving busy young families.  As deep as my belief is in resale and sustainable shopping,  my life as a busy mom pulls me to doing whatever I can to let moms have the time and money for what matters most-  FAMILY.  

So here is Upstate Kids Online-called KURB, I hope you will dive into this with as much love as the thousands of families have into Upstate Kids event sales.

Living it UP,

Kim Kelley

Resale Guru of the Upstate