IT'S TIME to get more for your money!!

IT'S TIME to get more for your money!!

Has the recent crisis made you rethink your budget?

In this crazy time we are in, we are thinking of new ways to save now more than ever!

Getting a new wardrobe for kids who are always growing can get expensive! Luckily, we are providing convenient and SAFE ways to save cash on the clothes you want and make money on the clothes you don't.

In buying, you have access to our prices that are normally half the price of retail value. You also save the environment and avoid thousands of items being sent to waste by being a sustainably conscious customer.

Through selling, you are providing items to people that you know actually need and will use them!

Cleaning out your house and selling excess items with ease, supporting a local community, and saving all at the same time?

Don’t wait another minute TEXT KURB to (864) 214-4202  for reminders and join our text club!

Interested in selling TEXT SELL to (864) 214-4202

So mark the kid's expense category as done, we are here to help!

Living it UP,

Kim Kelley
Resale Guru of the Upstate