A SAFER Marketplace

A SAFER Marketplace

For your safety & safe for your family. 

You were so excited  when you finally found a pair of shoes locally online after a few were not available and sold out from under you, haggled on a price, and after many messages, you finally found a time to meet.  Load up the kids and drive to pick it up.

It can be a hassle. 

Sorting through hundreds of listings can waste your "me-time".  

We’re done with that too!

Shop over a hundred sellers all at the same time & pick up ALL at 1 spot. "KURB"side and safe.  

By picking up items all once, you are protected from the uncertainty of unknown locations, germs, & quality is inspected. The ease of kurbside pick up has gained in popularity because it is a huge time saver for all of you busy parents. We are fully committed to making sure this process is as safe, enjoyable, and efficient as possible!

Check out our upcoming schedule or if you are interested in becoming a seller click HERE.